16 Signs You're Destined For The Nonprofit World

You can't escape your fate: You're just a good person who is cut out to make the world a better place, darnit. Ride or die.

1. You get really into bake sales/dunk tanks/5Ks that help your community.
2. A conservative family member has condescendingly claimed your heart is bigger than your head -- and you take it as a compliment.
3. You don't mind massive -- massive -- amounts of paperwork.
4. You'd rather hang with the Occupy Wall Street crowd than sip wine with the 1 percent ANY day.
5. You're the jack-of-all-trades of your friend group. (Event coordinator? Graphic designer? Accountant? You can do it all!)
6. Your arm involuntarily shoots upward when you hear the word "volunteer."
7. You've quoted Gandhi on Facebook (probably more than once).
8. You may or may not have rescued a plastic bag from a dumpster.
9. Your impact on the world > your bank account.
10. You've been called a hippie more than once (and wear the badge proudly).
11. You never back away from a good debate on a topic you feel strongly about. And might get carried away at times.
12. You're all about dressing down for work. (Khakis? Hell yes.)
13. If you have a Twitter account, you're basically the token social media expert of the office.
14. Your career assessment test in high school gave you vague results that loosely related to helping people, and you were just like:
15. You will march in the rain for hours to protest injustice (especially if there's free punch afterward).
16. And, most importantly, you simply want to make a difference.