9 Things That Bore Wedding Guests Half To Death

No matter how hard you try or what precautions you take, there are bound to be a few yawn-inducing moments in every big day (yes, even at the best of them).
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Traverse City, Michigan, USA
Traverse City, Michigan, USA

For BRIDES, by Elizabeth Mitchell.

You can't please everyone! When it comes to weddings especially, this statement couldn't be truer. No matter how hard you try or what precautions you take, there are bound to be a few yawn-inducing moments in every big day (yes, even at the best of them).

So what tends to bore guests to tears then? We went straight to the source to find out. Moral of the story: anything that requires people to pay attention without eating or socializing for too long won't win the crowd.

1. Tons of traditional dances

"The billion dances they do! The first dance, father daughter, mother son, grandparents, money dance, bridal party dance, etc., etc. Usually by the time they're done my buzz has already worn off." -- Candace

2. Slideshows

"I feel bad even saying this, but I think wedding slideshows are so boring. They keep me entertained for the first minute or two. After that though I kind of zone out and stop paying attention. Most go on for far too long, and you can tell other guests have lost interest too. Keep it short and sweet if you're going to do it." -- Deena

3. Never ending speeches

"They're the worst! I went to a big wedding last year where after the planned wedding speeches were done, the bride and groom passed the microphone around to every single table so that each guest would have the opportunity to say something. This took an hour minimum and was painful to sit through." -- Jordan

4. Poorly timed cake cuttings

"This seems to happen at every wedding I attend! The evening is flowing beautifully and everyone is having an awesome time. Then out of nowhere, bam! The party suddenly stops and we're all ushered off the dance floor for a five minute cake cutting." -- Brittney

5. Bad music

"DJs that only play one type of music or all oldies bore me. At my cousin's wedding, it was 70s rock the entire night and not even the good stuff. At another wedding I went to, the band played a bunch of original songs that no one was really feeling." -- Courtney

6. Receiving lines

"They feel like they last forever, particularly at big weddings. The guests at the front are sitting in an empty room for almost an hour trying to find ways to kill time and the guests at the back are shuffling from foot to foot just to avoid blisters. Don't do it!" -- Morgan

7. A big gap between the ceremony and reception

"Ugh, don't even get me started. This happened recently at a destination wedding in a tiny town where there was literally nothing to do except go back to our hotel and watch HGTV for three hours while starving." -- Jenna

8. Long readings

"Not many people are very good at doing ceremony readings so it's often just painfully slow and super boring and makes an already long ceremony that much longer. Yawn!" -- Kamlyn

9. Games

"I was at a wedding where the bride and groom played the newlywed game. They sat back-to-back and answered questions about each other by raising a pink or blue flag. No one cared! Everyone at the table was either drinking or chatting heavily." -- Sam

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