10 Things That Don't Make Sense To Introverts

A loud, crowded party? Hard pass.

Introverts are falsely known for being standoffish or preferring their own “personal bubble” ― but there’s so much more to being a “quiet” type than that.

To love an introvert is to know them (and, yes, respect their space). That means accepting their little quirks. Some habits and preferences that are revered by other personality types just simply won’t work for introverted individuals.

Below are a few things that introverts just don’t understand:

1. Packed parties

It’s not that introverts aren’t into socializing, they just prefer the company of close friends than a loud room full of strangers. Introverts prefer meaningful, smaller interactions. In other words, a crowded club or house party just isn’t their style.

2. Small talk

Idle chatter can be distressing for introverted individuals for the same reason they detest large parties: Deep conversations are important. They’d so much rather have a long coffee with a co-worker than chat with them in passing in the hallway.

3. Five roommates

Nothing sounds better to an introvert than curling up with a good book (or Netflix) after a long day of interacting with others. Introverts need downtime to recharge their batteries, according to experts who study the personality type. Alone time isn’t some fantasy to them, it’s a necessity.

4. The “shy” label

Don’t equate silence with shyness. Introverts are quick to point out that they’re not the same thing and those with the personality type are not timid or afraid to speak their minds. They just prefer going about it in a different way.

5. Answering your phone

PSA to all loved ones: Introverts likely won’t answer when you call. It’s not because they’re rude, but rather they need to draw up mental energy because they’d prefer to have a valuable conversation.

“To me, a ringing phone is like having somebody jump out of a closet and go ‘BOO!,’” Sophia Dembling, author of The Introvert’s Way: Living a Quiet Life in a Noisy World, previously told The Huffington Post. “I do like having a long, nice phone call with a friend — as long as it’s not jumping out of the sky at me.”

6. Hugging acquaintances

Introverts prefer their own space, both physically and mentally. It doesn’t matter if it’s sitting at the end of a row or taking time to decompress after a long day, introverts will do whatever it takes to maintain their boundaries.

7. Open office plans

Research shows introverted folks are easily overstimulated by their environments. That means getting anything done in a loud office is basically an impossible task. Introverts work best in a more subdued atmosphere so they may escape to quieter corners of their workplace often.

8. Being the center of attention

Thinking about planning a surprise party for your introverted pal? Or having them attend a meet and greet? Ditch that idea immediately. Introverts often loathe being the focus of everyone’s eye. But don’t take that as awkwardness: They’re wonderful speakers, communicators and performers (take it from these notable public figures). They just have a hard time dealing with the spotlight on an individual basis.

9. Not noticing that eye roll

Introverts are incredibly observant, which is likely due to their sensitivity to stimuli in their environments. Research suggests introverts experience increased brain activity when processing visual information.

10. Thinking introversion is a bad quality

It’s no secret that society favors the bold ― but a quiet demeanor also has its strengths. And no one know that better than an introvert.

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