13 Things That Don't Make Sense To 'Type A' People

You have HOW MANY unread emails?!

It’s not easy being “Type A.”

The personality trait comes with a lot of quirks. While Type A eccentricities might come off as high strung, Type A individuals themselves prefer words like “organized” and “accountable.”

With such different perspectives, it can be hard to find common ground. Want to understand the Type A in your life? Below are just a few things that make absolutely no sense to Type A individuals.

1. Arriving at 9:35 for a 9:30 appointment.

When you ask to meet a Type A person at 9:30, you better believe that they will arrive at 9:30 and not a moment later. Type A individuals are super sensitive to time because they don’t want to feel like they’re wasting it. The notion of being “behind schedule” is a foreign one to them.

2. Losing cheerfully.

If you’ve ever muttered the words “it’s only a game,” get ready to receive some serious side eye. Type A folks can admittedly be a bit competitive, mostly because they feel the pressure to be the best possible version of themselves. It doesn’t matter if it’s at work or in a round of cards.

3. That whole “go with the flow” mentality.

Easy going? Yeah, not in a Type A person’s vocabulary. They get stressed easily, which may even keep them awake at night. In other words, it’s exceedingly difficult to have a laissez-faire attitude about anything.

4. This sorry sight:



5. Enjoying “the journey.”

Type A individuals are extremely goal-oriented ― and no task or commitment is too small. “[Type A’s] are certainly more occupied with achieving outcomes,” John Schaubroeck, a professor of psychology and management at Michigan State University, previously told HuffPost. “And given that they’re so occupied with achieving their goals, it makes sense that they would be more likely to do so.”

6. Leaving the office before everything’s done.

Everything is urgent to a Type A person and they appreciate it when others work with the same mindset. Why else do you think they live by a to-do list?

7. Having a to-do list “in your mind.”

Speaking of to-do lists, it’s unfathomable imagining working without one. Recalling every task from memory is a fantasy.

8. Desks that look like this:

Rob Melnychuk via Getty Images

Research shows messy desks yield to a more creative mind ― but Type As aren’t buying into it. Seriously, how can anything get done like this?

9. Sitting still.

Some bite their nails, others twirl their hair. Nervous habits, which can be a physical expression of stress, are common for people who are Type A, according to cardiologist and personality researcher Meyer Friedman.

10. A closet without organizers.

Each item belongs in a certain place. None of this “toss it wherever” nonsense.

11. Free time.

A long afternoon with nothing to do may sound like a dream to most people, but for a Type A person it screams “unproductive.” Relaxing is not only low on the priority list but it also doesn’t feel like an accomplishment. (But, as research shows, unwinding incredibly necessary ― especially for someone who is so prone to stress.)

12. “Clearing your mind.”

Type As have a habit of ruminating over their thoughts, which could potentially be harmful to mental health. But their intentions are certainly good: Type A individuals are highly conscientious. So while all that worrying may seem like a waste, they’re doing it with the best goals in mind ― whether it’s over planning the perfect party or their project at work.

13. Saying “Type A” like it’s a bad thing.

Because honestly, they wouldn’t want to be any other way.

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