15 Things That Instantly Make You Feel Sexy

Most people agree that sex is pretty great. And just feeling sexy is pretty great too.

Recently, one of our blogs touched on the topic, with one woman arguing that feeling sexy was more important than actually doing the deed. We all may have differing opinions on that one, but who doesn't like to feel a little va-va-voom? We decided to ask our Facebook community what single thing makes them feel sexier than ever -- after 50. Here's what they said:

1. Taking a compliment

2. Getting noticed by younger men.

3. Working out and eating healthy.

4. Flirting with your partner ... no matter how long you've been together.

5. Relaxing with a glass of wine.

6. Laughing ... out loud.

7. Running a 5K.

8. Wearing black underwear.

9. Putting on red lipstick.

10. Wearing a great pair of heels.

11. Kissing passionately.

12. Wearing the perfect little black dress.

13. Having a good hair day.

14. Feeling smart.

15. Getting dressed up, perfume, makeup, the works ... just for yourself.



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