11 Things That Will Make You Laugh, Just Because


It's time to let out a real LOL.

Laughing doesn't just feel good, it's also super beneficial to your health. Research shows a hearty chuckle can improve your immune system, lower stress and even help you live longer. Score.

If you're looking for a way to laugh today, we rounded up several things that never fail to make us giggle. If laughter is the best medicine, consider the items below your gateway to a remedy:

1. This frolicking llama.

Seriously, who else is having this much fun?

2. This turtle's impeccable dancing skills.


3. Every single episode of "Friends."

Chandler's quick wit gets you every time.

4. This perfect example of #SquadGoals.

FLOTUS + Destiny's Child = The collaboration we never knew we wanted.

5. This seal's horror-movie scream.


6. Or any animal's scream for that matter.


7. This spot-on truth.

Priorities. Check out more funny tweets here.

8. Blooper reels.

Stars: They're just like us.

9. These budding YouTube stars.

Nailed it.

10. George Washington in a man bun.


Who knew the OG President was so trendy?

11. And finally, Dad jokes.

And its close relative, dad dancing.

What (or who) never fails to make you laugh? Share it with us in the comments below.

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