Things That Will Definitely Die. Just Throwing It Out There

Have a good day! ... While goodness and days still exist.

Everything is going to end eventually. From the lowliest one-celled organism to the Earth itself. But what, specifically, is going to die? Let's get real here. 

  • This bunny.
    UroshPetrovic via Getty Images
  • This bunny's friendship with this chick.
    UroshPetrovic via Getty Images
  • This chick.
    UroshPetrovic via Getty Images
  • This flower.
    Bob Charlton via Getty Images
  • This whole field of lavender.
    Jason Langley via Getty Images
  • Your phone. Like, forever dead. And no charger will be able to bring it back.
    Dean Belcher via Getty Images
  • Your Aunt Hildy, who you've never met but is a never-fail when it comes to birthday cards with money.
    Jupiterimages via Getty Images
  • Goodness in the world.
    blyjak via Getty Images
  • Star Wars Tales #19, where Indiana Jones and Han Solo cross paths.
  • Your dreams and aspirations.
    Thomas Barwick via Getty Images
  • This love.
    Geri Lavrov via Getty Images
  • Everyone you've ever loved, or who has ever loved you.
    Anders Blomqvist via Getty Images
  • Your ability to love in general.
    Design Pics via Getty Images
  • Your ability to feel any feelings, for that matter.
    Dimitri Otis via Getty Images
  • This Rihanna cake gif. When the Internet finally dies, this gif will loop one last time and then it, too, will die.
    Alex Bedder
  • The Internet.
    Laguna Design via Getty Images
  • Eventually there will be no more things left to die. When that occurs, the ability for things to die ... will then die. #ENTROPY
    Will Crocker via Getty Images


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