10 Things To Do Before You Die, If You Have Really Low Standards (PHOTOS)

1. Try gum - Don't let the specter of death engulf you before you've tried gum. Any flavor will do. gum

2. Finally find out how a stapler works - What are you waiting for? Get in there and finally learn the specifics. stapler

3. Organize your financial documents - There's nothing like the feeling of knowing your affairs are in order. files

4. See the 1984 classic, "Splash" - Tom Hanks falls in love with a mermaid. What a hoot. splash movie

5. See the inside of a Kmart - You don't want to go out wondering what it's like in there. kmart

6. Receive a fax - The feeling of receiving a fresh, warm fax is unparalleled. If you don't have access to a fax machine, we just feel sorry for you. fax machine

7. Put together an IKEA bookshelf - Grab an Allen key and discover something new about yourself. ikea shelf

8. Choose an email password that's a little on the silly side - Go ahead. Nothing's stopping you from $monkeypants5. password

9. Totally ignore a "shake well" juice label - Just shake it a little or... let go of everything you know and don't shake it at all. juice carton

10. Finally use the extra ketchup packets you've been saving - If you have ketchup packets hanging out in a drawer, go ahead and use them! You deserve it! ketchup packets

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