Things to Do in LA This Weekend: Tom Cruise & Twilight

We here at Broke Girl's Guide hope your brain has had adequate time by now to recover from Wednesday's shenanigans -- ours has not, but we're holding out hope that functionality will return shortly so that we can do something other than stare at our computer screens blankly while daydreaming about mac & cheese. And while it was nice to have a random day off from work mid-week, we feel teased and are now just counting down the minutes until we can return to life outside of the office. Here are a few things to look forward to when the clock strikes however-early-you-can-pull-your-parachute-today:


We revisited Stark Bar at LACMA this past Tuesday night, and thusly remembered why we love the spot for an early evening drink. Grab a date (girlfriend or boy toy), split a flatbread, and then head over to LACMA proper for the French Film Friday double-bill featuring Contempt and Mississippi Mermaid. After, split some sake at nearby Sake House Miro, one of BGG's favorite late-night hole-in-the-walls. If you fear that this plan will make your boyfriend reconsider his relationship status, however, treat him to happy hour at The Misfit in Santa Monica instead (drinks are 50 percent off), and then surprise him with a screening of Sandlot on the Promenade.


This Saturday, several LA museums are free thanks to Bank of America, so we suggest you take advantage of the bank's generosity (cough, cough) and either return to LACMA Saturday morning to check out Levitated Mass or head to the Hammer to peruse Made in LA: 2012 if you've yet to do so. After, make your way to Rolling Greens Nursery in West Hollywood to join our friend Jessica from Hostess Handbook in constructing some DIY floral arrangements. Then, you're going to want to rush over to the Church of Scientology to partake in their open house. Why? Because there are at least 50 good reasons to marry Tom Cruise, and you'll need to get in there before he picks his next blushing bride. Leave before you get sucked in, however, and head to the Hester Street Indie Night Market to shop from over 100 apparel, accessory, and lifestyle merchants. Street food will also be in abundance, but don't overdo it as you're going to want to stuff your face again once you get downtown to Street Food Cinema's screening of Twilight at 8:30 p.m.


The weather is going to be absolute perfection on Sunday (70 and sunny at the beach), so we suggest you stake out on the sand or plop down by one of L.A.'s many broke-girl-friendly swimming holes for the bulk of the day. Or, if you're feeling a little gypped because you didn't get to go out of town this holiday week, you could also opt to spend the day south in one of our favorite nearby beach towns. If you've had enough of the surf and sand, however, we recommend you spend the day instead at PopConLA, where you'll get a heavy dose of all things trending in popular culture right now. Either way, you'll want to wrap up your weekend at The Egyptian Theater in Hollywood for back-to-back screenings of Some Kind of Wonderful and All the Right Moves. Actress Lea Thompson will be on hand for a discussion, but All the Right Moves star Tom Cruise, sadly, will not. However, he's to be your husband soon, so there will be plenty of time (or, five years, max) for conversation, no?