The Things Boomers Need To Let Go Of Before The New Year

Breathe in; hold it; breathe out. There! Don't we all feel better now? Yeah, me neither.

Unfortunately, getting rid of life's toxins takes more than a few deep breaths (although that's a fine place to start). We asked Huff/Post50's Facebook fans what they were hoping to bury in 2015 and here's what some of them had to say:

"People's bs," said Anna Cornwall. Chrissie Johnson added that she's "had it with people's crap." She added, "I'm too old, 61, [to] tolerate it any further!!!" Johnson summed it up with "Liars, bs artists, incompetence and idiots."

Rachel Wadford Bock would like to see "all the sniping and backstabbing in the workplace stop" as well. And Carolyn Rose Milner says she is going to stop "believing in what people say versus what they do."

Talulah Borzoni Saenz want to stop forming "attachment[s]. To everything." And Nancy Jurney is over "Working for something that is not a dream."

Priscilla Smith wants to let go of "whatever no longer feels better to hold onto." She says she plans to "forget 'shoulds' as in 'should really let go of' [because] they don't typically feel good." Put another way, Maggie Brook will end "Belief in how things should be" and instead just "go with the flow."

Tori Barlow-Stamps wants to free her life of "drama."

And we'd add to this list: Let's also let go of snap judgements, assuming the worst intentions, and mistaking unkindness for coolness. And while we're at it, maybe we can also quit bringing our phones to restaurants and sleeping with them next to our heads.

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