Things To Remember: How Can We 'Create' Memories?

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At times, quite a lot of people might feel an instantaneous need to sit down for a moment and think about the past, evaluate its happiest and saddest moments. It's about asking oneself such questions: Did I change much from that period? What kind of a person was I back then? What things have done to be proud of? What am I ashamed of? What lessons did I learn (if any) from the past? In what direction do I want to move further? Did I fulfill my dreams? Such questions are extremely useful to ask as they give possibilities to make some meaningful conclusions in life and to get a more clear idea as to what direction to follow in the future. Looking back also helps remember the most important days in one's life, to experience them anew.

Making memories alive by looking through a stack of photographs, meeting with the school and university friends, can also make us realize the importance of those moments, and the real value they have. Looking back at our past, we tend to remember not everything, but certain things, events, conversations, and meetings. And so, why are some memories brighter than others? Why do we remember some things so clearly while other things can be forgotten very quickly?

It appears that quite often we might get stuck into a routine without noticing it. When every day is pretty much the same, and nothing significant happens, we tend to forget about such days very quickly. The main reason for remembering something is that emotions impact the memory formation, and, thus, emotionally covered events are more likely to be remembered and are more likely to influence us in the future positively. Taking this into account, we can start 'creating' our memories now by having more emotionally charged special days and events.

I think it's always better to take control over the situation before it takes control over you. And so, if nothing exciting happens in life, the first thing worth doing is immediately taking a vacation and going somewhere abroad. There are so many beautiful places to explore on our planet, and what could be more interesting than learning about a new culture! Traveling can always bring tons of emotions. Through traveling we can find out more about the world around, people and ourselves, and all the journeys will be definitely remembered.

The next thing is to do something you ever wanted to do, but was afraid or persuaded not to do. Always wondered what it's like to jump out of parachute? It's the right time to try.

Another way of creating a special day to remember is to do something spontaneous with friends or loved ones. It could be anything: from going to the nearest town by bike to turning off a mobile phone for the whole day and singing karaoke.

And if there are already some special events coming, like wedding, birthday anniversary, we can do everything possible to make those days perfect, so that we could have only the best memories from it. It might be a good idea to make a proper preparation for such days and take into account every small detail, for example, find some useful information about the best bridesmaid hairstyle, and take into consideration those ideas; or look at the information about the best birthday songs, and so on, as such details shouldn't be underestimated.

The routine can insensibly overpower us leaving no space for emotions and memories; that's why we should do everything possible to create our own emotionally charged memories and simply enjoy every moment in life.