9 Things To Stop Caring About This Holiday Season

Bye, haters.

1. Not having your future totally mapped out. You don't need to have a roadmap for your whole life. No one really ever does.

2. Making the perfect Thanksgiving dish. Sorry not sorry if our pies don't look straight off of a Pinterest board. Even not-perfectly-plated food can be delicious. 

3. Impressing the random acquaintances from high school you will inevitably run into at the bar in your hometown. Remind yourself that it truly doesn't matter what Matt/Josh/Emily/Chloe think about your life. When you feel good about yourself and where you are, your happiness will shine through no matter what your job title or relationship status is. 

4. Being single. Try to tune out your grandma's probing questions about whether you're "finally seeing someone." Having a relationship isn't a benchmark for life success, so don't let others make you feel like it is.

5. Being childfree. See above, but replace with your uncle's awkward "when's the baby coming" inquiries. 

6. Feeling guilty about what you eat. Holidays are for enjoying the turkey/stuffing/mashed potatoes/wine/assorted desserts. So just eat the damn pie and don't beat yourself up about it. 

7. Buying the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Be thoughtful in your choices -- that's what really matters. (Plus, things are almost always returnable.)

8. Having your parents (and grandparents and second cousins) approve of every single choice you're making. In the words of Rihanna: "Just live your life... ay, ay, ay..." 

9. Giving in to your love of "Love Actually" and cheesy holiday music. Sorry, haters. We'll be embracing holiday cheer for the next month with reckless abandon. 

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