4 Things We Should All Stop Doing When We Text

Enough with the "k."

We all text. You, your friends, your boss, your grandmother, every 10-year-old ever -- and a comedian and writer named Akilah Hughes. Like many of us, Hughes loves this method of communication. But what she doesn't love are some of the behaviors that far too many people are guilty of. In the above video, Hughes breaks down her four biggest pet peeves when it comes to texting. 

Excessive LOLs

"Just say 'ha,'" Hughes says. "Put a GIF or something... We're not on Instant Messenger, OK? 'LOL' can die."


Texting "K" 

"People think that you're over-analyzing if you get a 'K,' but, no. That's just rude," Hughes says.


Overusing Emojis

"Unless you're Cher on Twitter, who I love, who also uses a ton of emojis -- she gets a pass, but you don't get a pass," Hughes says. "One-to-two, tops. Unless you are trying to make a cute joke with the emojis, but otherwise? Give it up. One pizza. One wine glass. One winky-face. That's it."


Forgetting to Text back 

"No one's that busy," Hughes says. "You saw it. I know you saw it."


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