21 Things People Wish They Could Tell Their Exes

21 Things People Wish They Could Tell Their Exes

There's always something left unsaid after a divorce or bad breakup. And while many fantasize about texting or calling an ex to give him or her a piece of their mind, few act on it.

It can be cathartic to let it out, though, so over the weekend, we asked our readers on Facebook and Twitter to share the one thing they wish they could say to their exes post-split.

Read some of the most interesting responses below.

1. "I forgive you for trying to crush my spirits. I know you just felt bad about yourself at the time."

2. "I actually learned a lot from you. It's just too bad you won't benefit from what I learned."

3. "It was great! Then it was good. Then it was so lonely. And now it is behind me and I am genuinely happy. We should have done it a few years earlier!"

4. "The moment we created another human was the moment you were supposed to choose to spend the rest of your life putting somebody else first."

5. "The sex is better now that you're gone."

8. "I'm sorry that we couldn't work as a team to show our children that a marriage is something sacred enough to save."

9. "Thank you for letting me go. Your decision has allowed me to meet a wonderful man and I'm having the time of my life with him."

10. "I am sorry. I wish I could turn back time. I really do miss you."

11. "You promised me forever and made me promise you that I would never ask for a a divorce... and yet you left me. I will never thank you for leaving me because I could have been happy with you for the rest of my life. Still, I never could have become the woman I am today with you by my side so for that reason alone, I'm grateful."

12. "Our lives are so much sweeter and serene without you in it. We're having a blast and making up for years of craziness."

13. "Thank you for walking out on me and our children that night. It forced me to become the independent, college-educated ambitious person I am today."

14. "I truly don't regret anything. The way I see it, you served a specific purpose in my life at one time."

15. "Please know that it's possible to find love again after your first heartbreak. Meanwhile, focus on yourself and the kids!"

16. "He's gone now, sadly, but I would say thank you for giving me two beautiful boys. I'd let him know that I'll share with them all our happy memories. They'll know how much we laughed and loved each other, in spite of our differences. We did the the best we could."

17. "At the time, I thought I'd never be able to go on. The truth is, you having an affair was actually the greatest gift you ever gave me. I have become a very successful person and an asset to the community. I found my inner strength. Heck, I'd like to thank your mistress as well."

18. "I want more for you than the life you have chosen. I hope someday you truly realize what you had and gave up on. Life is so much more than material things, status, and superficial relationships."

19. "Just FYI: Relationships that start out as affairs don't tend to last."

20. "Take care of yourself because I no longer can."

21. "Thank you for asking for a divorce. I didn't realize how good life could be without you."

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