Things Tourists Say: 5 Clichés You Should Probably Leave At Home

Being a tourist is an innately clichéd experience -- you roam around a foreign city, toting a giant camera, posing for awkward photos and wearing one of those I heart (insert city name here) t-shirts.

There are plenty of clichéd things you can say, too -- from corny jokes, to puns, to phrases we've heard thousands of time.

Whether you think they're clever or classless, check out the ones we rounded up.

1) Czech Me Out.

tourist sayings

Found on t-shirts, shot glasses and all kinds of other tourist swag, "Czech Me Out" is a favorite play on words in the Prague souvenir industry.

2) Stay Classy, San Diego.

tourist sayings

A movie reference that has become a cliché in its own right. We know you love "Anchorman", but please don't name your San Diego vacay Facebook album "Stay Classy, San Diego." Same goes for New York and "Empire State of Mind."

3)The Bangkok jokes


We get it. They're funny -- when you're 12.

4) Jamaican Me Crazy

Top (clipped to

Once a clever play on words, "Jamaican Me Crazy" is now just a Ben & Jerry's flavor.

5) Dong jokes in Vietnam


The Vietnamese currency is indeed the dong. Get the jokes out of your system before you travel.

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