13 Signs We Never Really Grow Up

They say the grass is always greener -- and that never holds true more than when it comes to age. As kids we long for the freedom to be able to do what we please. We dream that adulthood will mean unlimited amounts of Oreos, no bedtime, and not having to go to school a.k.a. jail everyday. But soon we find out that all those freedoms lead to love handles, dark circles, and having a boss to answer to rather than the principal.

Then, as adults, we kick ourselves for not napping more, miss having our meals cooked for us, and would easily swap our performance reviews for report cards.

But truth be told, if you think about it, we're not so different from our younger selves. Here are 13 childhood essentials and their adult equivalents that you've probably never even noticed.

  • Anything chocolate flavored is liquid gold...
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  • We still get our exercise at a gym...
    Flickr: iChris/marketing deluxe
  • And appreciate educational programming...
  • And love to win big...
    Flickr: kafka4prez/hidden peanuts
  • Kids table vs. singles table
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  • Doctor's visits are still the stuff of nightmares...
  • We appreciate our privacy
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  • And building things...though it's not as fun now
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  • We love our toys...
    Flickr: jeremy roof/FHKE
  • And have disdain for authority...
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  • Don't ever cut us...not in line and definitely not on the road
  • It's a hard knock life on public transport...
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  • Did we mention we really dislike authority?


Back To School, 70s Style