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11 Things We're Obsessed With This Week, Besides Warmer Weather

New year, new obsessions.

It’s been a while since our last favorite finds roundup, when we were in the thick of Black Friday and holiday shopping. Now that the gifts are given, our resolutions have been made, and we’re thinking what to get our boo for Valentine’s Day, it’s back to our regularly-scheduled programming of weekly finds we can’t wait to tell you about.

In addition to feverishly searching for snow boots that aren’t ugly and winter coats without down and fur, we’ve made a few purchases around the holidays that’ll you might also enjoy to help kick off the new year on the right foot.

Take a look below at our favorite finds of the week:

Blue Apron's new Whole30 meal plan
Yep, you read that right. Take the stress out of figuring out what the heck you can actually eat on a Whole30 diet. Blue Apron has teamed up with Whole30 for 8 weeks only to bring you Whole30 approved recipes and ingredients -- right to your door. Check out their meal plan options here.
These leggings with pockets that'll make working out SO much easier
Phone, keys, wallet? Check, check check. Pack light for your quick gym sessions in these yoga pants with pockets. Plus, they're high-waisted so they'll stay still and hold everything in when your spin instructor has you moving from seated to third. Get them here.
This water bottle to help you keep your "drink more water" resolution
It holds 32 ounces so you won't be running to and from the water fountain all day, though we can't say the same for your bladder and the bathroom. Get it here.
This gym bag that reminds me why I work out
You get a pizza, you get a pizza, and you get a pizza...after the gym. Get it here.
These ankle boots without heels that also look profesh
My latest struggle has been to find a pair of good, quality and comfortable ankle boots that are actually cute and still look appropriate for work. These Cobb Hill Oliana boots are, hands down, the most comfortable boots I own, while still looking professional. I wore them around London and Paris for two weeks straight, without a single blister or aching arch in sight. Get them here.
This moisturizing facial mist that smells like a garden in a bottle
Onurth is my newest skincare obsession. In fact, I've ditched my old moisturizers in favor of their natural facial serums. I feel like I'm pampering my skin every time I use this Rose Hydrolat toner in tandem with the oils. Get it here.
This headwear that can be worn 12 ways
From a headband, to a scarf to a mask, this wrap is the versatile accessory your running regimen is missing. Get it here.
This vibrant (hydrating!) lipstick that'll banish winter-chapped lips
Did I mention it's vegan and cruelty free? Get it here.
This luxurious body mist that smells like money
Seriously, it smells like rich people. And I love it. Plus, it's a light alternative for those days when a heavy perfume seems inappropriate. Get it here.
These snow boots that are anything but ugly
The only thing I hate more than the frigid cold of a polar vortex is having to wrap my feet and shin up in snow boots that look like sleeping bags. These cute snow shoes are anything but ugly. Get them here for under $100.
This facial oil that's surprisingly great for breakouts
Oil for breakouts? Hear me out. One reason your skin might be acne-prone is that it's thirsty. Give it some hydrating, oily love, and it's likely you'll see fewer breakouts. This blend is specially formulated for oily skin. Get it here.

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