5 Things Women Are Judged More Harshly For Than Men

circa 1965:  Full-length portrait of nineteen of the contestants in the Miss Universe pageant posing in swimsuits, sashes and
circa 1965: Full-length portrait of nineteen of the contestants in the Miss Universe pageant posing in swimsuits, sashes and high heels, on the roof of the Belmont Plaza Hotel in New York City. (Photo by Agence France Presse/Agence France Presse/Getty Images)

When it comes to gender, double standards are alive and well. Let's face it: despite all of the advances toward gender equality, many people still expect different things from men and women.

This is why studies about female breadwinners or advertisements featuring stay-at-home dads are newsworthy, why "boys will be boys" is actually still a phrase humans use, and why it's standard for men to catcall women on the street and not vice-versa. These inequalities arguably exist because it's common for people to judge mens' and women's behavior by different standards.

Redditor blackbirdholiday asked other Reddit users to identify some of the things women are generally judged more harshly for than men.The results made us realize just how much has to change.

Here are five things Reddit users believe society looks down on women for:

1. Having "too many" sexual partners. While no-one's "number" should matter, the sexual double standard is alive and well. Men who sleep around are "studs," but women who do the same are "sluts." What's more, a disturbing study found that women labelled "promiscuous" were rejected by their male and female peers, which is all kinds of messed up.

2. Having a messy home. Though an estimated 81 percent of men and 87 percent of women report feeling anxious about home upkeep, women still do the majority of the housework. Why? Because women are judged much more harshly than men for having a messy home. We like the attitude HuffPost blogger Claire McCarthy shared in her Feb. 25 post: "We have more important things to do. If there is some time left over after we talk, eat together, play together and finish this really great book, we'll clean. If not, well, it can wait."

3. Being overweight. Though both men and women experience fat prejudice, studies have found that overweight women feel more societal pressure to lose weight than overweight men.

4. Being blunt or assertive. A woman who speaks her mind too much is deemed bossy, aggressive or arrogant -- whereas a mouthy dude is simply showcasing his executive leadership skills.

5. Not having children. Childfree women are often referred to as "selfish" and told they will regret their decision not to have kids. Because what kind of unnatural woman would never want to be a mother? Men get no such flak -- being a dad isn't considered to be an essential part of manhood. Plus, men have way more time to decide if they want kids! (But they still have biological clocks, too.)

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