9 Things You Should Probably Know About Mayonnaise

Barack Obama isn't a fan.

Of all the foods out there, mayonnaise is definitely one of the most divisive. Some hate it so much they can hardly stand the sight of this condiment, others would happily slather it on top of everything they eat.

No matter what side of the line you stand on, there's no denying that mayonnaise is a big part of our food world and so it's only wise to know a thing or two about it -- or nine. Without further ado, a quick education on the white, jiggly stuff that makes BLTs the sandwich we adore. But first, this:

1. Mayonnaise can be made with nothing more than oil, egg yolks and lemon juice (or vinegar). When it's homemade, it hardly resembles the store-bought kind at all.

2. Barack Obama hates mayonnaise. And he is not alone.

3. Many of our favorite condiments are made with mayo as their base. Ranch, Thousand Island, tartar sauce, and aioli, to name a few.

4. It's most commonly believed that mayonnaise was invented in 1756 by a French chef. It got its name to honor a battle won at the Port Mahon. However, the Spanish claim that the sauce was a native invention of theirs called Salsa Mahonesa and that the French stole it during this battle.

5. Store-bought mayonnaise is said to be a good remedy for head lice. At the very least, it can moisturize dry hair pretty effectively.

6. Hellmann's started out as a popular condiment at a New York deli run by Richard Hellmann. He made two versions and distinguished the two with a blue ribbon. The blue ribbon version was in such demand that he bottled and labeled it with the iconic blue ribbon label we know today.

7. It is possible to make mayonnaise without eggs. There's no reason vegans should miss out.

8. Mayonnaise is very calorically dense. There are about 700 calories per 100 grams.

9. Mayo is a great way to add shine to dull houseplants. Professional florists know it. Just wash the leaves with soap and water and rub on a drop of mayo. They'll shine for weeks!

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