7 Things You Pay More For Because You're A Woman

7 Things You Pay More For Because You're A Woman

It ain't easy -- or cheap -- being a lady.

Women often encounter extra expenses by virtue of being women (menstrual products come to mind) -- but extra, lady-specific costs sneak into goods and services all genders use, too. A new video created by The Daily Share breaks down this so-called "women's tax" and how much it can cost.

“Women often pay more than men… even when they’re buying a similar product," a voiceover in the video says. Women pay around $1,350 more a year than men -- simply for being women who enjoy good hygiene. Sounds pretty (ridiculously, unbelievably, maddeningly) sexist to us.

The Daily Share puts products side-by-side to show that gendered pricing is a very real issue, using examples such as face cream, cologne and even dry cleaning bills for the same shirt. In each case, the product or service for women costs a dollar or more than the identical male product -- even if the "female" product has the exact same ingredients as the "male" one, as is the case with face cream.

Check out a few of the infuriating examples:

1. Lady Razors vs. Dude Razors

2. Perfume vs. Cologne

3. Lady Haircut vs. Dude Haircut
hair cut

4. Women's Face Cream vs. Men's Face Cream
face cream

5. Lady's Long-Term Care Insurance vs. Dudes Long-Term Care Insurance
long term care

6. Dry Cleaning For A "Lady" Shirt vs. Dry Cleaning For A "Dude" Shirt...(Even though they're the identical shirts.)
shirt 3

When The Daily Share reached out to some of the companies behind these products for comment, their responses were not very encouraging. "Both Narciso Rodriguez and Schick refused to comment," Daily Share wrote on YouTube. "While Neutrogena stated that their pricing variations 'are related to a number of factors, including packaging differences, modifications of the formulation that impact the manufacturing process, and the discretion of each retailer.'"

"Does everything pink cost more?!" the woman in the video asks. The answer is yes -- pink paraphernalia does cost more:

7. Pink Pillow vs. Brown Pillow

Eye-rolling for days.

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