Think Like a Man, Act Like a Woman, Be the Woman You Were Born to Be

Two businessmen and two businesswomen having discussion in office
Two businessmen and two businesswomen having discussion in office

"If you can't study, then go marry a rich man."

These were the words engrained in my head since I was young.

I was unconsciously brain washed to think that I was nothing without a man and I needed a man to fund my dreams.

When I was a love coach, women would tell me that they need a man not want a man. Because they felt that there was something wrong with them if they were not in a relationship by a certain age.

I feel that there's no need to fight for gender equality when we treat men and women as human beings.

Notice how we don't label the baby as he or she but rather we use "it" to describe a baby.

That means we were treated equally as a baby.

Then how is it that we, as women, were raised to bring our husband's slippers when he returned from work or we had to sacrifice our happiness for our children?

This may be the fact in 1947 but not, as modern women, we have a choice and it's up to us to take that power back.

Yes, we may be daughters, sisters, wives and mothers but that doesn't mean we have to sacrifice and give up on our dreams and happiness.

There's a difference between being a filial daughter, loving wife and a responsible mother.

I have learned that trust and respect is earned and not demanded. So if you desire to live the life you desire, you must be the woman you were born to be.

Here's what you need to stop doing right now:

• Stop acting like a victim.
• Don't be clingy/needy.
• No more whining and complaining.
• Stay away from gossips.

A woman who's going after her dreams like her hair is on fire can take up as much space in the world and make as much noise as she wants.

When a woman succeeds, she gives another woman the permission to succeed as well.

How to be the woman you were born to be?

You have to think like a man and act like a woman.

Sometimes as a power woman, we forget that we're a woman and we end up behaving like a man. And as a result we forget to look and feel beautiful.

On the other hand, when we allow ourselves to be that needy girlfriend/wife, we give our power to our man and become helpless.

Either ways, that's not how a woman is meant to live out her life.

Here are five tips to be a happy, healthy and wealthy woman:

1. Learn to make decisions on your own.

There's no such thing as a wrong decision. You made the decision from the place that you knew was best for yourself.

Every result, whether good or bad, is just an experience.

2. Be responsible for your results.

When you take responsibility for the results that you don't want, that means, you have the power to create the results you want.

3. Find a female role model to look up to.

Success does leave footprints. Don't just follow their success path now but read up on their journey and learn how and what they did to overcome their obstacles and stay on course.

4. Embark on your personal development journey and never stop learning.

There's new information churning out daily so if you stop learning, you stop growing and you'll find yourself obsolete very soon.

5. Surround yourself with positive people who will lift you higher.

Your environment can break you or make you. As Zig Ziglar said, "You're the average of the 5 people you hang out with." Therefore, you'll make the average income of the 5 people you hang out with as well.

Besides hanging out with positive people and go-getters, surround yourself with beauty as well.
Last but not the least, love yourself.

When I say, love yourself, I'm not talking about going for a shopping spree. I'm talking about honoring yourself. Taking care of your body.

A lot of women take their bodies for granted and treat their bodies as if it's a foreign entity.

I would like to remind us all that, when we honor ourselves, we honor our creator.

And as a result, we can design the life we desire and be the woman we were born to be.

You're Beautiful!

Much Love,