Think of your "BRAND" as your house

So I have been getting this burning question a lot lately, "Jas, how much do you charge for a logo?"

And my response is always met with, "Well, that's steep!". Yes, it is because my Branding Package is only $300 more and I want my clients to understand by choosing that option, they're getting the full service AND they are getting exactly what will secure their brand identity 5 years from now. It's priced that way on purpose. 

Your brand is more than your logo. Think of your "BRAND" as your house. Your house is full of furniture, personal effects, decor, tiny quirks, nooks and cranny's that make it YOUR house. You know it inside and out. You can walk to the bathroom in complete darkness if you have to. 

So for your brand, you need all those special things too. Sure, your logo is the outward appearance of your house, but what's inside is what makes it different than any other house down the street. 

The inside of your brand is like those unique Damask chairs you have, the gorgeous Oak Table my dad got custom made 20 years ago: it should have it's own sense of style and aesthetic. It should reflect your personality, your values, your mission. 

Your brand is more than your logo, it's more than the colours you use. It's more than the font palette you choose. It's more than your website. IT IS THE ENTIRETY OF YOU and how you put yourself out in the offline and online space. It's how people see you. 

Picture yourself driving past an immaculate home that is freshly painted, has a manicured lawn, and there is a nice car parked in the driveway. What do you feel? That's how people should feel when they look at YOU.

So my advice is, when you are investing in your Brand, choose wisely. Don't just pick pieces to work on while you figure out the rest. Do it properly so you are unique, authentic and completely happy with your vision.

AND ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, get full branding, make sure you know your font names, make sure you have your hex codes. Make sure you have the original file.

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