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Think Pink

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Like most New Yorkers, black has been the only 'color' to be found within the depths of my closet for quite some time. However, I recently have found myself adding pops of color to my outfits. One color I can't help but stay away from is pink. My attraction could be due to my desire for warmer weather or Anna Wintour casting her spell on the fashion world. These days I can help but think pink!

A few months ago I would not have been caught dead wearing pink. The reason for this could have been attributed to my over use of the color during my youth, my disinterest in looking overtly girly, or because I was just scared of spilling coffee on anything other than black. For now I am putting my hesitations aside, and I am ready for whatever shade will come my way.

So far spring has brought us better weather and light pink duster jackets, which can be seen throughout the streets of New York City. One of the best places to find your new favorite spring coat is on This website is the hub of online clothing shopping since it allows you to refine your search while it scours the web for you. One of my favorite light pink dusters on this website is the All Saints Nehru Coat. Its Mandarin Collar is on point with trends, just like its dusty pink color. Another jacket I adore on this site is the Pink Textured Crepe Boyfriend Coat by Dorothy Perkins. Since this jacket is made out of crepe, it can easily be worn for both spring and summer.

For those who are unaccustomed to wearing pink, the best way to ease into the color is by accessorizing with it. Adding a touch of pink through footwear, handbags, or jewelry can make any outfit fresh for spring. One of my favorite light pink spring bags is River Island's Pink Mini Satchel that can be found at Its small size can add the perfect hint of pink to any outfit. For those who are trying to be comfortable and still stay trendy light pink low-top sneakers could be your style solution. Marc by Marc Jacobs's Pink Suede Cute Kicks Sneakers are truly one of the cutest pairs of low tops I have seen lately. Don't walk, run to get yourself a pair!

To those who are a little more daring, why not add some flare to your outfit with hot pink or fuchsia--I promise you won't regret it! This shade will bring out your confidence and can brighten up any rainy April day. While browsing Polyvore I came across Mackage's Florica Hot Pink Leather Moto Jacket, whoever said tough women don't wear pink has clearly never seen this jacket. Another great way to infuse this shade into your outfit is through a pair of heels. Kurt Geiger London's 'Bond' d' Orsay Leather Pumps will make you say, or should I say scream, I love pink!

Getting out of your comfort zone, especially with clothing, is a difficult thing to do. However once you make the change its hard to see how you lived any other way.

All Saints Nehru Coat

Dorothy Perkins Pink Textured Crepe Boyfriend Coat

River Island Pink Mini Satchel

Marc By Marc Jacobs Pink Suede Cute Kicks

Mackage Florica Hot Pink Leather Moto Jacket

Kurt Geiger London 'Bond' d' Orday Leather Pumps