THINK SWISS- Climate Trail Exhibition

THINK SWISS- Climate Trail Exhibition
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I have written about Swizterland several times in the arena of green living. I find it so interesting, that this tiny European country can offer options to more effective ways in living green. Not just for a select group of individuals either, but for a whole entire country

For a long time already Switzerland has been well aware of the consequences of global warming and the response that this challenge demands. Swiss glaciers have been visibly retreating, and soon skiing may be history in some mountain resorts

Leaders from both government and business are consequently working hard to find innovative solutions to reduce energy consumption and foster sustainable environment...2009-02-09-ThinkSwiss.jpg

This core topic will offer unique insights into collaborative innovations by private-public partnerships and into the latest results of research studies on natural environment in Switzerland. Creative solutions to climate change and new ways to develop renewable energy sources will be the subject of multidisciplinary discussions engaging US partners.

Also attached to the ThinkSwiss initiatives is a student educational program through a series of scholarships. This is the third time, ThinkSwiss is offering 15 research scholarships for talented U.S. undergraduate and graduate students.

These scholarships provide the awardees with a monthly stipend almost $830.00 US Dollars for a maximum of three months to conduct research at a Swiss university or research lab. The scholarship is open to students of all fields who have an outstanding academic record and a keen interest in conducting research in Switzerland. The deadline to enroll in the program is March 31st.

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The "ThinkSwiss Climate Trail" exhibition is a series of posters and experts' comments.

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