THINK: The Four Ideas That Matter in Digital Media This Week


Your 60-second read: people don't like ads, it's hard being an Olympics cord cutter, plus more. This is what matters in digital media.

1/People are less tolerant of ads, maybe.

Must-read piece in Adweek about the Twitter-verse uproar over NBC's running of many, many ads during the Olympics. I wouldn't know since I'm a cord cutter (see #2) but the irony is that NBC is blaming binge-watching on the lowering of ad tolerance. I think people have never liked lots of ads. They just never had another choice. Maybe this is why Hulu is abandoning its free, many-ads option.

2/Cord cutting is harder than it looks.

I'm a cord cutter and I bet some of you are too. It's hard. I mean, it's easy to not pay the cable company, but come Super Bowl, or Oscars, or the Olympics, it's also easy to miss out. There's something about gathering around live events that makes us feel as one, that just isn't fulfilled the same way on Twitter. NBC is streaming the Olympics, if you are cable-authenticated, but otherwise its off to YouTube, Facebook or the bar down the street to do your best. Here's how you CAN watch.

3/Is Snapchat the 21st century broadcaster?

Oh, Snapchat, with your 10 billion video views a day, you are the darling of the ball. I keep predicting this will end but so far I've been wrong. And Snapchat is making new friends every week. Now, they've got the NFL on board, and NBC. If it works, the formula will be reach + revenue (and provable ROI). Maybe this is why Instagram is so jealous. More from The Verge.

4/If you build it, they won't come.

Field of Dreams lied to us. I know the conversations happening internally at companies -- should we post on YouTube, etc., but the fact is, massive audiences have gathered on platforms like Facebook and Snapchat. You have to go to them. Which is why Disney is putting short films on YouTube and E! is launching five shows on Facebook. More from Lost Remote.

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