Thinking About Where You Get Milk Will Get You More Clients

Ok, bear with me because you're about to get a mega-dose of clarity about how you can get more clients, but first, answer this question:

Q: Where do you get milk?

Let me guess your answer...

The grocery store.

Ok, great. But what if the grocery store was closed or out of milk, where would you go?

A convenience store? The local mom and pop general store? The pharmacy? How about Walmart, Target, any of the big box stores? Or the farmers market, a green grocer, or straight from the dairy farm?

Let's get even more creative.

You could sit at a restaurant and order a glass. Go to a fast food drive through. Ask your neighbor. Or, order it and have it delivered straight to your door.

Now, we're going to rock your clarity-loving mind.

Q: Where do you get clients?

Again, you probably have 1 or 2 immediate ideas that pop into your mind. Like "from my list" or "from interacting in Facebook Groups" or something like that.

And, those are great! Those are just fine -- they are your "grocery store". They're your reliable go-to.

But, just like with the milk exercise we did above, I'm sure you're beginning to sense that there are a ton of others ways to find and interact with potential clients! Because, clients are everywhere!!!

You could...

:: Host a webinar
:: Ask for referrals
:: Send personal emails
:: Private message people
:: Create a survey
:: Run a challenge
:: Offer a giveaway
:: Get interviewed on a podcast
:: Explore a new social media network
:: Run a speaker series
:: Collaborate with a biz best friend
:: Run a contest
:: Speak
:: Try Facebook ads
:: Create free reports, e-books or tip sheets

This list is a just a jumping off point. I'm sure there are tons more that you'll think of once you get the ball rolling.

How, here's the clincher: Do something new off of this list or off of the one you're already starting to formulate in your mind.

Clarity ain't nothing without action! Do something today to move you forward. I meant it. Right now!

And, of course, if you're needing an additional dose of business clarity or want to bounce any of your inspired ideas off of someone, I'm here for you.

Author Bio: Cailen Ascher is a Clarity Coach for women entrepreneurs & coaches who want a clear vision, clear mindset & clear plan for success. Her teachings have helped 1000s of women gain business clarity and deliver it in a meaningful and impactful way. She's been spotlighted on Entrepreneur on Fire, Gary Vaynerchuk's Q&A, The Suitcase Entrepreneur Podcast, The Ambitious Entrepreneur Show, Marketing Moxie and was the 2014 Gold Stevie Award winner for Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year. For Instant Business Clarity, visit