3rd Grader Strip-Searched at Union Elementary School In Clinton, North Carolina; Clarinda Cox, Mother, Outraged (VIDEO)

Parents in Clinton, North Carolina, are outraged after an assistant principal gave a third-grader a strip search there. The Union Elementary School official believed the boy had stolen money and ordered him to strip to his boxers.

Reached for comment by the Fay Observer, the boy's mother, Clarinda Cox, said she found the school's actions "excessively intrusive." She added that she would have happily gone to the school and interrogated her son with officials instead.

"I was furious," said Cox in an interview with WRAL. "Why didn't they call me? If I felt he needed to be searched, I would've brought him into the bathroom -- you could've had a witness in the bathroom with me -- I would've searched my son."

The boy says he picked up $20 after a girl dropped it, but he'd given it back to her. When she later reported the money missing, several students said Cox's son stole it. NewsCore adds the money was later discovered under a table in the cafeteria.

Last November, school officials in Texas forcibly stripped and showered a boy who reportedly had bad hygiene. The case resulted in a lawsuit against the school, filed yesterday.

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