Third Man Rolling Record Store To Debut At SXSW (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jack White Invents Record Store On Wheels

The record industry is in dire straights, its true. Jack White, who seems cryogenically preserved from vinyl's heyday, is fully aware of this sad fact and has gone to great lengths to preserve the dying culture. His most recent effort was uncovered today in a video posted on the Third Man Records website and begins with the somberly delivered PSA, "97% of high school aged kids have NEVER been to a standalone record store."

Over the course of the next minute or so, Jack White unveils his plan to remedy this injustice, and it takes the form of one of his most awesome inventions yet. The latest from Third Man labs is the Rolling Record Store: a truck well stocked with a range of limited edition Third Man vinyl, shirts, tote bags, and other fun merch.

The store operates in a manner not unlike a food cart. It is a fully functional vehicle and will travel from Nashville, Tennessee to Austin, Texas to make its debut at SXSW, March 16-20. To top it all off the truck is equipped with microphones and turntables for DJs to spin records as well as a killer soundsystem for bands to plug in and play outside. White worked with a custom auto shop to design and build the Rolling Record Store from scratch.

After Austin, the bright yellow truck will travel ("Like A Rolling Store?") to other shows and festivals, and hopefully a city near you. The video below ends with a promise that they "will find you." Excellent.

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