Third Presidential Debate: Reader Photos Of Florida's Great Outdoors

On Friday, we put out a call for photos of Florida to mark the third presidential debate happening in Boca Raton next week. Our readers in the Sunshine State were quick to respond. We've got an abundance of great shots, and as with our earlier Kentucky and New York series, we're going to split up the results into multiple entries.

Below, you can see pictures of Florida's great outdoors: the beaches, trees, swamps, skies and sunsets photographed by HuffPost readers.

We'll be adding more pictures to this and the other collections through Monday. If you want to submit a photo, you can use the green "Add Photos" button below, or tag your pictures anywhere online with #firsthand and #thisisFL. Or send us an e-mail at firsthand@huffingtonpost.com.

Thanks for all your great submissions, and please keep them coming.

Some captions have been edited for length and clarity.

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