The Internet Will Never Get Over This Photo Of The Third 'Property Brother'

"Are we sure that's not Pete Wentz?"

Property BrothersJonathan and Drew Scott have made a career for themselves as a renovations tag team. A duo. A couple of handsome twins with impeccable taste.

So when this old photo with their EMO-haired older brother JD Scott popped up, Twitter lost its mind.

James Daniel Scott’s existence has not exactly been a secret. He’s even starred alongside his bros in a ― you guessed it ― a home improvement show. There was also a rumor swirling around that he was a magician, perhaps sparked by the Criss Angel aesthetic above.

Scott lives in Las Vegas, describes himself as an “HGTV/Great American Country, Radio & Global Ambassador,” has over 2 million Vine loops (R.I.P. Vine), is in fact not a magician and has ditched the so-called “Pete Wentz hair.”

In fact, he looks more like this these days:

All three brothers in 2015.
Mike Windle via Getty Images
All three brothers in 2015.

If you’re thinking right about now that JD is your new favorite “Brother,” you’re not alone. Buzzfeed’s Ryan Broderick conducted a thought-provoking poll in 2015, asking “Which Property Brother is the best Property Brother?”

JD was the clear favorite, garnering 68 percent of the 90 person vote.

ProBro 3, as we’ve decided to call him, appears to be in a relationship, but we can’t help but fantasize about setting him up with fellow third sibling Elizabeth Olsen. They’d have so much to talk about!

Keep rockin’, JD Scott.

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