17 Undeniably Awesome Benefits Of Being The 'Third Wheel'

17 Undeniable Perks To Being The 'Third Wheel'

Whether you love them or loathe them, hanging out with happy couples is just another part of being single.

The good news is: being the "Third Wheel" doesn't have to be terrible.

Instead of thinking of your coupled-off friends as a constant reminder of your bitter loneliness, think of all the good things that come with having a pair of friends who are much, much better at sustaining a relationship than you are.

Believe it or not, being the odd man or woman out can have its perks. For example...

1. Having two friends is better than having just one.

Double the mooching, double the fun.

2. Your couple friends will unintentionally teach you the dos and don'ts of relationships.

Here's to leading by example.

3. And if they have a kid, you can automatically become the "cool" Aunt/Uncle figure.

Who needs blood relations, anyway?

4. No matter what they wear on Halloween, all you need is a bicycle wheel to make a hilarious costume.

They do all the work, you get all the laughs.

5. And if you do something stupid, you know you always have two people who will comfort you.

That's twice as many people to tell you, "Don't worry, nobody saw that."

6. If your couple friends live together, you've always got a place to watch TV.

If they didn't want you to come over every Sunday, they wouldn't have bought such a big couch.

7. Plus, you'll never miss the good parts due to an impromptu make-out session.

"Missing it." Right.

8. I mean really, who cares about a little PDA?

::Laughs nervously:: Amiright guys?

9. You don't have to put up with it if you don't want to.

Yeah, that's right! We have feelings too, damnit!

10. Let's face it, you have plenty of other stuff going on.

Come on, does this face look desperate to you?

11. And you have your own "special friends" to keep you company.

His name may be Jack Daniels, but...

12. The silver lining? You only need one more person for a double date.

This won't be awkward at all!

13. They even make special beds for you and your couple to have sleepovers

This is a totally rational purchase... Totally.

14. And, don't worry, there are plenty of restaurants that cater to your "Three's NOT a crowd" lifestyle.

::Sobbing quietly::

15. Wait, who are we kidding?! Being a Third Wheel is actually the worst.

Seriously, let's drop the act.

16. But you know what's even worse than this?


17. ...Being the fifth wheel.

Oh, yeah. That's worse.

Sorry, couples. This is where we draw the line.

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