Preventing Third World America Step 4: Move Your Money

There are many things we can do, right now, to take matters into our own hands and move our families to safer financial ground. Moving your money out of the mega-banks that helped wreck our economy and into a smaller, more responsive community bank or credit union is a great place to start.

These big banks took our bailout money but cut back on lending, paid themselves record bonuses, and kept on with all the greedy, ruthless practices that earn them billions a year. By moving our money, we're saying we're not going to take that anymore. And since the deposit insurance at small banks is the same as at big banks, there is zero risk involved.

The big banks may be "too big to fail" - but they are not too big to feel the impact of hundreds of thousands of people taking action to change a broken financial and political system. We don't have to wait for Washington to act.

Move Your Money: Find Out How

WATCH Eugene Jarecki's viral Move Your Money video:

WATCH a video Stephanie Frost, a dissatisfied Bank of America customer, posted on YouTube after she moved her money:

READ testimonials from HuffPost readers who have moved their money:

I am in the process of moving my money from Chase to a local, Washington state bank. Once my direct deposits switch over I can close my account. I had the pleasant surprise of learning that I would get a free safety deposit box and free TurboTax for my tax return.

I moved my money from Bank of America and Chase to my local bank, University Federal Credit Union. I switched because Chase was always giving me HUGE overdraft fees, and NEVER taking any of them back. So as soon as I had more money in my account, they took it. They literally stole thousands of dollars from me, upped my rates to 30% interest and this is their business model!

They have ruined so many lives. I am taking my power back. They do not get to ruin mine, not anymore.

More at the MOVE YOUR MONEY site.

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