Thirty Meter Telescope Protestors Rally at Caltech For Strategic Action To Save Hawaii’s Mauna Kea

Thirty Meter Telescope Protestors Rally at Caltech For Strategic Action To Save Hawaii’s Mauna Kea
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Mauna Kea volcano.

Mauna Kea volcano.

Photo: courtesy of Mikilani Young

Today, Tuesday May 30th, is the date for action that will help determine whether the strongly opposed Thirty Meter Telescope will be built on Mauna Kea in Hilo, Hawaii. Indigenous groups and non-indigenous will gather to unite and pule (pray) at Caltech in Pasadena for the outcome to save the sacred and environmentally important Mauna Kea Mountain on Big Island, Hawaii. The rally is 4-8pm at 1216 East California Blvd., Pasadena, CA. 91125.

Kumu Mikilani Young request for those who have a consciousness of protecting Hawaii, the planet and humanity for today and generations to come to tap into the universal harmony to protect Mauna Kea today May 30th at Caltech.

In a world of 7 billion people each person can make a difference, Young says, “Prayers are connecting us, which are our cultural practices.”

Young , from O’ahu, who now lives in Temple City, CA leads the rally on Tuesday May 30th at Caltech because it is the strategic day that the “Protectors” in Hawaii deliver their papers of protest to the BLNR on O’ahu, in ceremony. Young believes it is very important to have people come together at this rally for the outcry to save the sacred mountain, the pure water it provides, and the environment of the planet. Young will synchronize with Kumu Pua Case in Hawaii and others on this date as they present papers once again to protest the building of the Thirty Meter Telescope on O’ahu, The information from the “Protectors” of Mauna Kea will be compared to the opposing BLNR, who is re-applying for a permit to build the telescope. This is one of the final procedures that will determine the decision for the world’s largest telescope to be built on Mauna Kea in Hilo Hawaii, or not.

Kumu Mikilani Young, dedicates her time to connect people throughout the world to help preserve the Hawaiian culture and land. Young has spent several years getting the message out about the issues faced in Hawaii to people who live in North and South America. She finds that the issues are very similar throughout the world, commercial development verses environmental protection, she says. These people will unify and support the synchronicity of the pule at Caltech, representing the global community at this strategic rally.

Caltech is the chosen place for the rally by Young because of its involvement to construct the telescope in Hawaii.

The strong opposition of the building of the telescope began in spring 2015. The conflict was initiated by a potential sublease on the mountain offered by the University of Hawaii in Hilo to Thirty Meter Telescope, Inc. (TMT), based in Pasadena, CA. The partners of TMT include the University of California, Caltech, Canada, Japan, India, and China. Through the duration of this time, thousands have protested on Mauna Kea not only because it is considered a sacred site by Native Hawaiians but also because of the pollution of the water table that will occur during construction and the ife of the structure, if built on the mountain.

Mauna Kea is the main source of pure water supply for Big Island, which also feeds into the Pacific Ocean. According to Hawaiian Studies teacher, Joshua Lanakila Mangauil, Hawaiians are not against the scientific discoveries that may occur with the 18 - story telescope on the TMT preferred site atop Mauna Kea, but are more concerned with the detrimental environmental affect it will have on the Hawaiian Islands and the Earth.

The case was sent to the Hawaii Supreme Court in 2015. TMT was denied permission to build the telescope on Mauna Kea at that time. Last year the state Board of Land and Natural Resources (BLNR) requested a building permit once again. The outcome will be decided in the near future from the information delivered from the opposing sides on May 30th.

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