Thirty Seconds To Mars' 'JORDYN' Clip Sees Olympian 'Up In The Air' (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Thirty Seconds to Mars have a new video dropping this Friday on VEVO, and the band is celebrating the occasion with a number of exclusive promo clips starring a bevy of talented folks, presumably culled from frontman Jared Leto's wide net of acquaintances and friends.

In the JORDYN clip above, which is premiering only on HuffPost Entertainment, Olympic gymnast Jordyn Wieber is seen in flight, a fitting way to champion the band's single "Up in the Air."

The gold medal-winner's moves are set in slow motion against a simple, brooding piano line. Toward the end of the clip, glimpses of the other promo videos are intercut at a disturbing speed. A short film Bartholomew Cubbins is teased, but members of the Echelon know that "Cubbins" is really just Leto's Dr. Seuss-inspired pseudonym. Thus, the "film" is the music video for "Up in the Air," which is reported to include Wieber's fellow gymnast McKayla Maroney (she of "not impressed" fame).

It's been an exciting few months for the band, which finished the album and premiered their lead single in space. "Up in the Air" is off "Love Lust Faith + Dreams," the band's fourth studio album, which is due in stores on May 21 (pre-order bundles are available now).

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