This 10 year old waste entrepreneur from Pakistan is truly an inspiration

Zymal Umar, Youngest Pakistani Entrepreneur.
Zymal Umar, Youngest Pakistani Entrepreneur.

ZEE BAGS is a project founded by 10 year old, Zymal Umar.

In an attempt to clear the streets of her beautiful city Sargodha of plastic bags, Zymal decided to start making reusable bags using old newspapers.

She recalled a shopkeeper selling her things in a newspaper bag and an idea shaped in her mind that why not make newspaper bags and sell them to help the needy people at SOS Village as there are many orphan children over there who are deprived of many things like money, food, relationships (SOS village is an orphanage consisting of 14 houses and each house has 10 kids, each house is supervised by a mother or you can say a nanny who washes their clothes and gives them food). Her parents helped her in bringing this project into shape.

Bags made by old newspapers.
Bags made by old newspapers.

Zymal sold her first bag for Rs. 70 and used the money to help an orphan girl named Sana. This encouraged her to put more effort into the project and start on a journey to help the deprived. She makes these bags at home using some old newspapers. Each bag is sold for the same price, i.e. Rs. 70.

However, sometimes people pay extra amounts to help her in her cause.

Zymal sells hundreds of bags and uses all of that money to buy things for the children of the SOS village. Her parents help her arrange special events for the orphan kids.

Being Pakistan’s youngest social entrepreneur, Zymal has been awarded the TIE, the youngest entrepreneurship award and received a gold medal from the Federal Secretary of Education in Pakistan. Her efforts have also been recognised in Saudi Arabia, where she was invited to receive the Prince Abdul Aziz Award for Children Pioneer/Ecopreneur.

The young entrepreneur is now planning to make a website and a mobile application in the near future to expand his reach to wider customer base. You can help Zymal by contacting on her Facebook page, ZEE BAGS.

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