This 15 Year Old is Killing it - The Urban Analyst Shares Her Wisdom

I don't even know where to start on this gorgeous girl I am about to bring to your attention. It's like she needs no introduction. But I will try.

Taiba is a 15 year old who seriously rocks the fashion game. I came across her blog The Urban Analyst a few months ago, after seeing her on Instagram.

She is born and bred in Kuwait, where I am currently living, and now whenever I am at any cool events or out to eat I seriously look around being like, I wonder if Taiba is here? #girlcrush 

Kuwait is a conservative Islamic country. Duh. I don't want to teach a history lesson here.

Taiba is a cool , free dressing, pink, blue, different color of the week - haired beauty. Does that combo always mix so well here? Who the fuck cares.

Taiba isn't going anywhere, and all the haters have already been told to STFU. Because, this girl has got herself some faaaaans. How she has such a thick skin, is seriously beyond me. In a recent blog post she fights back with power and grace. Truly admirable. 

So I wanted to talk to Taiba, I wanted to find out how someone who is only fifteen can be this self aware and mature. But realllly I wanted to snoop and get some fashion tips.

Thank you Taiba for agreeing to answer my questions and give everyone some kick ass fashion advice SERVED with a lil' peek into your life. xx




Q and A with Taiba - The Urban Analyst

Introduce yourself!

I'm Taiba, AKA The Urban Analyst on my blog, a place where I like to write out my forever-wandering thoughts and document my take on fashion.

Girl, you are only 15! I know you hear that a lot, and I am sorry at being so cliche but holy shit! At 15 how have you developed such a sense of fashion and style, any gurus or life altering revelations?

I was raised around art and creativity, so it was sort of always instilled in me. I never really developed myself as a painter or musician, so fashion became my go-to creative outlet pretty early on in my life. In my eyes, fashion is self-expression, but self-discovery. There is a certain sense of freedom that comes along with fashion and the way one chooses to express themselves that I find myself continuously craving. With time, you learn what satisfies that craving, and it becomes a part of you. My sense of style comes from knowing myself and knowing what satisfies the urge to express myself.  

Out of your personal collection what is your most treasured piece?

My most treasured piece is my Olympia Le Tan book clutch. The designer made it by hand, and the attention to detail never fails to amaze me.

When did you know that your blog had reached a new level and that people were noticing what you were putting out?

I always push myself to keep moving up and never be satisfied with what I do, so I haven't really experienced the feeling of "making it." I believe that once you define success, you give yourself an excuse to stop pushing. However, there was a point in my career that I stopped to take a look at how far I've gotten.

This was at London Fashion Week last season. I remember this time a year ago, attending fashion week was only possible on the screen of my computer, and all else was just imaginary. Knowing that I achieved one of my all-time biggest dreams was really eye opening and gratifying.  I actually shed a tear at the first show I attended haha.

Kuwaiti women are notorious for their elaborate sense of style. I swear that these women never have heard of "dressing down" what gives?

I believe in dressing the way you want and for your own personal happiness, regardless of what other people think.
I don't adhere to the typical style of Kuwaiti women, but that doesn't make me, or anyone else, better than them. It's just not my personal taste.
However, if it is the taste of another, I don't see why they should get any backlash for choosing to express it.

What's next for you? Do you have graduation plans?

I have no idea! As of now, all I know is that I want to go to a school with a creatively stimulating environment. My eye is currently on Parsons in New York and the London College of Fashion.

When are we going shopping and what stores can I expect us to hit up?

Just hit me up girl! I don't do too much damage in Kuwait, but if we're in London, I'd take you to the boutiques and vintage stores down in Shoreditch before dropping into Selfridges.

You recently got a lot of hate for being well - YOU. How do you handle living in such a conservative and sometimes closed minded country, when you were born to stand out?

I know myself, so I am not easily swayed by words. I think that is the most important thing. When you know what you want and you are confident in everything that you do, the judgment around you just becomes noise.

Any advice for women wanting to evolve their style or just switch things up?

The advice I'd give to anyone looking to expand their creativity is to go out and get inspired. Listen to good music. Visit an art gallery. Take photos of what you find beauty in, and don't overthink it. Don't care about what's going to be said or what you're told you should be doing. Do what makes you happy and forget the rest. 


See. I told you she was DAMN cool. Thanks Taiba - you rock don't ever change. Now I will go back to reminisching about sneaking into movie theatres when I was 15, and wearing skateboard shoes with Roxy graphic tees.