This 159-Foot Lobster Roll Is A Seafood Lover's Dream Come True

It took more than 200 pounds of lobster salad to make.
06/22/2017 10:54am ET

That’s a whole lot of lobster.

British Beer Company in Portsmouth, New Hampshire stepped out hoping to set the record for the world’s longest lobster roll at 159 feet and 6 inches long on Sunday. The mammoth sandwich took more than 200 pounds of freshly cooked lobster meat and four gallons of mayo to make.

“Once we had the mayonnaise sauce with the lemons and the hot sauce and the celery that we put in there, we had a little over 200 pounds of the lobster salad, if you will, that we used to fill the lobster roll,” Chef James Gibney told CBC.

The roll was made in celebration of Father’s Day and was subsequently sold to the roughly 5,000 people who had gathered for the event, raising more than $3,000. Proceeds from the sales of the enormous roll are being donated to Hero Pups, a nonprofit organization which pairs puppies with veterans and first responders.

Unfortunately, Guinness World Records does not have a record for lobster rolls, but the World Record Academy does. The World Record Academy currently lists a lobster-roll record set by the Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association at a shellfish festival in Canada last September, registering at 120 feet long. Gibney sent the paperwork in for a shot at taking the crown.

But this victory may be short-lived. The P.E.I. Fishermen’s Association has plans to win the record back in September at this year’s Shellfish Festival.

Break out the bibs, y’all. This could get ugly.

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