This $6 Wine Won an International Wine Competition

Who says you have to spend big to drink quality wine?

<strong>The $6 wine beat some of the best brands in the business.</strong>
The $6 wine beat some of the best brands in the business.

On July 10, the winners of the Melbourne International Wine Competition were revealed, and there’s one that will most likely shock you.


Among the prestigious brands entered in the competition, a $6 wine sold through Coles supermarkets wowed the judges in a blind taste test, being one of the 16 recipients of a “double gold” medal.

The cabernet sauvignon is sold exclusively through by Liquorland, First Choice, and Vintage Cellars, which are owned by Coles, The Australianreported.

“We’ve worked really hard with our winemaking suppliers for years to create a portfolio of amazing quality wines that over-deliver for our customers,” Bob Paulinski, head of wine sourcing at Coles, told The Australian.

“A win like this shows that our exclusive wine brands can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the best in the market, and is a testament to the incredible work our suppliers do in making these wines.”


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