This 6-Year-Old's Response To Someone Shaming His Mom Is Priceless

He spoke up for his mommy's right to express milk.

Australian mom Telaine Smith was at a loss for words when she was shamed for expressing milk in her own car. But her 6-year-old son Dallas-Gus came to the rescue with an awesome response.

Smith was in her car, in a parking lot, pumping milk for her 4-month-old son Pilot, who was born tongue-tied and has difficulty breastfeeding -- despite a procedure to correct it, the mom told The Huffington Post via email.

She said a woman approached her car as she was expressing milk and said "put your f**king tits away."

"I was shocked," Smith told HuffPost. "I didn't even have time to be indignant or defensive."

Telaine Smith with her son Pilot
Telaine Smith with her son Pilot

But Dallas wasted no time and stepped in for his mom.

"If you don’t want to see it, you don’t have to look," he said.

According to a pediatric research report from the University of Florida, researchers found that 2 to 5 percent of babies are born with a tongue-tie problem and half of those babies have difficulty with breastfeeding.

Since Pilot still has difficulty latching on, Smith said she expresses milk every three hours for 30 minutes a day.

"Exclusively expressing is an exhausting commitment that doesn't have much public awareness," she said. "It can be confronting for people to see a machine attached to someone's chest, and I would be more then open to genuine curiosity. But verbal ridicule or abuse is disgusting behavior."

As for her little guy's reaction, the mom said she's "proud."

"I had to laugh when she just walked off and Dallas then said 'that was a bit mean hey mum.'"

You tell 'em, Dallas!

Telaine Smith and Pilot
Telaine Smith and Pilot
Telaine with her husband Derek Smith and their three boys, Kaelem, Dallas-Gus and Pilot
Telaine with her husband Derek Smith and their three boys, Kaelem, Dallas-Gus and Pilot

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