This 8-Minute Song Is Practically Guaranteed To Help You Sleep

This 8-Minute Song Is Practically Guaranteed To Help You Sleep
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Kiss counting sheep goodbye.

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Insomniacs, rejoice: An ultra-relaxing song is here to help you get some shut-eye. Obviously, there's no magic button to help you snap out of the frustrating cycle of laying awake at night and feeling your anxiety grow as the hours pass by (sigh, if only). That said, the song "Weightless" by U.K. band Marconi Union was crafted to serve as a possible solution, and it's helped thousands of listeners since its 2011 release. The British Academy of Sound Therapy assisted Marconi Union in writing the song, with special consideration toward sounds that would help soothe sleepy listeners. "Weightless" includes a heartbeat-like rhythm, calming melodies, and the incorporation of gentle chimes. When all those lovely elements come together, they provide a world-class experience in relaxation.

"Weightless" is sometimes referred to as "the most relaxing song in the world," and many scientists agree with that claim. A new study even found that the jam reduced the overall anxiety of female listeners by 65 percent. (The study involved a very small sample size, so the results are worth taking with a grain of salt, but the finding is still pretty dang interesting.) The song has also been reported to slow listeners' pulses, and make them feel as if they're in something of a pleasant trance. "Weightless" also does a great job in reducing anxiety—in fact, it's the very first song on my much-adored, painstakingly curated ~anxiety busting~ playlist.

So, next time you're trying to drift off to sleep, close your eyes and press play on "Weightless." The song has over 8.7 million plays on Spotify, so fans must be onto something. Have a listen to the song below—just make sure not to play it while you're driving!

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