This 8-Year-Old Is Totally Prepared For The Zombie Apocalypse

And he's ready to tell you how to save yourself.

Lukas is an adorable 8-year-old who is obsessed with zombies. He's probably spent more time thinking about how to deal with a zombie apocalypse than you've spent thinking about your job, your home or any other adult concern you may worry yourself with. He's even given some careful thought about whether his obsession means he loves zombies or is scared of them: "I like killing them, but I'm afraid if I'm cornered by them and I don't have any weapons."

Lukas got to geek out about his plans for surviving a zombie attack with HuffPost Live's Josh Zepps and Harvard psychiatry professor Steven Schlozman during Friday's edition of Tell Me Why, where precocious kids discuss the things that get their brains whirring. The depth of his passion for the undead, combined with an energy level that suggests he drank five sodas before the segment, made it quite an entertaining conversation.

Watch 8-year-old Lukas detail his plans for escaping zombies in the video above.