8-Year-Old Budding Zoologist Wows Twitter With Brilliant Science Lesson

Watch as he gives his 19-year-old sister a lesson in zoology.

What do you know about Asian longhorn beetles and how they got to America? Probably not a blessed thing. Which is why Twitter is so fascinated by a video of an 8-year-old from Florida giving his sister a lesson on trees, insects and the like. 

The video uploaded by Britney C. was posted Monday and has since gone viral. In it, Britney’s brilliant brother Aiden is seen describing the characteristics of different types of ants, estimating the age of a tree and providing the theory behind the migration of longhorn beetles from Asia. 

It’s an impassioned lesson in zoology we never had. The video has been shared almost 80,000 times as of Wednesday.

Britney told HuffPost that her brother wanted his own YouTube channel to educate others about animals, which is why she posted the video when he asked. Like everyone who’s watched the clip, she envisions a bright future for her little brother.

“I’ve always known Aiden was a special child and we’ve always had a strong bond,” Britney said in an email to HuffPost on Tuesday. “I’m so proud that he believes in himself and knows that he can accomplish all his dreams and desires using the law of attraction and staying positive.”

“He was very excited and grateful for all the love he received and wants to continue making videos and answering questions,” she said.

Love is an understatement. Twitter users ― including some well-know personalities like Quinta B. and Kid Fury ― were blown away by the third-grade tree whisperer. 

Aiden, who told HuffPost he wants to be a zoologist, has a very understandable reason for wanting to study nature. 

“It’s because of all the cool powers that animals have that are better than ours sometimes,” he said. 

We totes get that. 

Because of the popularity of the video, Aiden and Britney worked to get his YouTube channel up and running, and Aiden The Zoologist is now live. His sister also began a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for Aiden’s college tuition. 

This story has been updated to include the GoFundMe campaign created for Aiden. 



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