This 82-Year-Old Woman Is A DJ In Tokyo's Red-Light District

This woman is our hero.

Sumiko Iwamuro is life goals.

By day, the 82-year-old Japanese woman runs a Chinese restaurant with her brother and by night, she DJs at a club in Tokyo. Iwamuro, who goes by the name DJ Sumirock in the club, started DJing in her 70s after her husband passed away, according to Mashable.

In a video from Al Jazeera, Iwamuro explained that the music she creates is “fundamentally techno music,” but she adds jazz and classical music to her sets to mix it up.

“When I spin the tables, I just want to match the beat,” Iwamuro told Al Jazeera. “But the best thing is for my audience to enjoy themselves.”

As club-goer Fuminari Fujii told Reuters: “She’s got this energy that goes beyond age.”

And, boy, is Fujii right. Watch DJ Sumirock spin some sick beats in the YouTube video below.

So, DJ Sumirock, can we be your best friend?

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