This 90-Year-Old Hockey Player Somehow Freezes Time

"I just love the competition," he says.

Mike Campbell is still the same kid who began playing hockey on a frozen pond. Only he's a 90-year-old kid now, and still going strong.

Campbell, from Nova Scotia, plays ice hockey -- and we mean real competitive hockey -- three times a week with his friends. He skates like a much younger man.

I just love the competition," the father of 12 explains to CTV News in the segment above. "I love the exercise. I never have to force myself to go.”

According to a 2014 article in the Cape Breton Post, Campbell didn't play organized hockey until he was 19. So maybe that's why he's been able to stay so fresh on the ice.

Campbell, who actually turns 90 on Friday, was never a smoker or drinker, but we still want to toast him. You are one hell of a nonagenarian defenseman, sir.

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