This NSFW Coloring Book Will Make You Forget All About Your Ex

No, this is not for kids.
Creative Collective

Tried nearly everything to get over your ex? A new adult coloring book called Have a Nice Life As*hole just might do the trick.

The sassy, swear word-filled coloring book was created by the folks at Creative Collective and features pretty designs bearing very colorful messages for your ex:

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It also includes some heartening affirmations to cheer you up post-split:

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Creative Collective told The Huffington Post that their inspiration for the book came from real life:

"[The authors] are a group of friends with years of heartache and breakups between them that decided it was time to say the things they’d always wanted to say to that ex. After many nights of laughs and giggles, Have a Nice Life As*hole emerged. Why not spend that post-breakup [time] with pencils, crayons, pens, some friends and color?”

See a few more sassy, uncolored pages below and get your very own copy of the coloring book here.

Creative Collective
Creative Collective
Creative Collective
Creative Collective
Creative Collective
Creative Collective
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