This Altar Can Represent Your Wedding Dreams and Goals

Over time, you will begin to see many new ways to turn your little wedding altar into a haven of images and symbols that begin to spell out the wedding you want to experience.
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One of the ways the human mind magnetizes the things we want in life is through visual imagery and ritual. It helps make our dreams more concrete, and helps us move toward them. This concept can help you clarify, and move toward, the wedding experience you truly desire.

In fact, your dream wedding can begin to come alive in a corner of your home when you construct a special wedding altar. This is not "the" wedding altar, it's a small "shrine" designed to help you imagine and visually define your wedding aspirations and goals.

How To Get Started

1. Meditation for your perfect wedding:

Play a piece of music that inspires you and puts you into a wedding mindset, perhaps your first dance song or processional music. Relax and begin to imagine, dream and fantasize what your wedding might be like. See as many details as you can in your mind's eye, but also open your heart to feel the "vibe" of your big day. Make a mental note: Do you see yourself in a church, temple, chapel, wedding venue or a beach, or perhaps beneath the moon at a destination wedding? Are you dancing in a formal bridal dress or something simpler. As you daydream, sense the general ambiance, and time of year and day, as well as the kind of place in which you would like to be wed.

2. Ponder these questions, and more:

• What is the most auspicious time, location, and venue?

• What kind of ceremony would start your marriage off right?

• What kind of officiant would be best?

• Do you want a big, medium, or intimate gathering?

• How will your family be involved?

3. Begin to build a mini-wedding altar at home:

Place it somewhere you can easily enjoy looking at it -- in the bedroom, on a night table or dresser, or in the living room. Placing it in the south west corner of the room or house is auspicious; according to Feng Shui, that area is your "marriage and partnership corner." You can construct your altar on any flat surface. Although it might look something like an arts and craft project as you get started, treat it like a mini temple to your dreams. Place a bulletin board behind it to pin and display some of the images you will collect and add over time. Supplies you will need include:

• Bridal magazines from which you can cut pictures.

• Photo of you and your beloved.

• Images or items that represent aspects of your wedding -- such as a post card from a favorite venue, business card from the photographer you like, or a CD of the song you will dance to.

• A cake topper or small statue of a couple that you relate to and that represents you both.

• If you chose, include religious imagery or symbols you both relate to -- such as a Mary statue, cross, Jewish star or Hindu ohm symbol.

4. Adjust it as you go along:

The idea is to create visual inspiration for your wedding experience and your wedding day.

• Flip through wedding magazines and find pictures of happy couples getting married, dancing, honeymooning and loving each other. If small enough put them in frames on the altar, or place those images on the bulletin board or wall behind it.

• Perhaps you can buy a chalice that represents your two lives becoming one, or unity candles to represent two individuals merging into partnership. Then use those items in your ceremony.

• You can also place pictures of floral arrangements and bouquets you like, or an image of a celebrity marriage that inspires you.

• Include a happy, peaceful picture of you and your mom (dad, siblings) and any other key relatives with whom you might be experiencing wedding tension. Write an affirmation or prayer on the back of the photos stating your wishes for how your want your relationships and interactions with them to be, i.e.: "My mother and I are getting along great and enjoying the experience," "My sister is helpful and loving," "My dad is cooperative and generous."

• In the center of it all should be a photo of you and your beloved, looking happy!

Over time, you will begin to see many new ways to turn your little wedding altar into a haven of images and symbols that begin to spell out the wedding you want to experience.

Most importantly, make sure you include the idea of being relaxed, centered and happy while planning and experiencing your wedding!

A Place to Rest Your Engagement Ring:

As a special boost, you can place your engagement ring on your altar each night so that it can take in the blessings of your ideal wedding and also cast its lovely glow upon your dreams.

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