This Is An Adult, Boozy-Flavored Version Of The Ring Pop And It's Actually So Pretty

It’s called the Campari on the Rocks cocktail ring, and it’s both boozy and gorgeous.

As Halloween draws near, you may be wishing you had some age-appropriate candy options that you don’t have to feel guilty about not sharing with any kids. Sweet Saba recently partnered with Campari to bring you just the thing. It’s basically an adult take on a childhood classic candy, the Ring Pop. It’s called the Campari on the Rocks cocktail ring, and it’s both boozy and gorgeous.

Sweet Saba, which opened its first retail shop in Manhattan in 2015, has come to be known for its specialty “grown-up” candy. Most of the candies made by Sweet Saba are meant to look like real life objects and feature flavors you wouldn’t usually find in run-of-the-mill kids’ candies.

That’s certainly true for the new Campari on the Rocks cocktail ring, which fittingly tastes like the Italian bitter. Because of its Camapri taste, the ring can be used to garnish any cocktail, and will fit especially well into one that calls for bitters. Of course, since Sweet Saba’s Campari on the Rocks comes in ring-form, it can also be worn and enjoyed like a Ring Pop. While the ring itself uses Campari to get that bitter flavor, unlike some treats that require ID with purchase, the candy-itself doesn’t actually have an alcohol content since it cooks off as the candy is being made.

Remember though, the Campari on the Rocks is so much more stylish than your average Ring Pop. It’s made up of several long crystals and comes in that iconic dark red color of the bitter, making it, ahem, a pretty perfect accessory for any autumn event. According to the ring’s description on the Sweet Saba website, the candy crystals are hand-sculpted and sit on an adjustable silver ring setting.

The Campari on the Rocks cocktail ring is available now on SweetSaba.com, and will be for sell through the holiday season. Each one cost $62, which is certainly a very grown-up price for this grown-up Ring Pop. Ten percent of proceeds from each ring sold will go to City Harvest, a nonprofit that takes excess food from restaurants and retailers and distributes to the hungry. Place an order, and you’ll be benefiting a good cause and getting candy that’s way too cool for Trick-or-Treaters. Though, we completely understand if the most you’re willing to spend on candy at any given time is a dollar for an individual bar.

By: Olivia Harrison