This Anti-Trump PSA Is Unapologetically Reaffirming

“Hate my color? Miss me with your shade.”

In an accurate portrayal of the collective frustrations over President Donald Trump’s election, comedian and activist Kerry Coddett created an anti-Trump PSA in a parody of The Weeknd’s hit song “Starboy.”

“Starboy: The PSA” is a response to the president’s hateful rhetoric. The timely track begins by citing the 900 hate crimes that took place throughout a period of ten days following President Trump’s election and features a voice for everyone who’s feels threatened by President Trump’s political reign.

“This song is about loving the skin you’re in, no matter who tells you otherwise,” Coddett said in the song’s press release. “This is a clapback track; a song that articulates my grievances and communicates the ideas I wish I could express to the people who really need to hear them.” 

Lyrics in the song include lines like, “I’ma marry whoever wanna marry me/ Wear a scarf on my head if I please” and “Hate my color? Miss me with your shade.” 

And, of course, the parody isn’t without a direct message to America’s new president.

Real talk, shoulda never gone this far boy/ Took it for a joke, took it for another con boy/ Now my city spending millies daily on your convoy/You wanna block us out, you wanna lock us in/Worry about your own, your wife ain’t even moving in.

But aside from the witty commentary, there’s an underlying theme of empowerment in the Brooklyn comedian’s choice to use “Starboy” to get her message across.

“We are stars,” Coddett said in the release. “And stars shine in their darkest hours.”

Check out Coddett’s full parody in the video above. 



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