This App Will Break Up With Someone For You (If You're A Terrible Person)

Breaking up is hard to do -- but is it really so difficult that you need an app to do it for you?

Styled off Tinder, a new app called Binder will send a snarky text and voicemail to your partner to break the news that you're officially donezo. It's like sending an insensitive breakup text on your own... but 100 times lazier.

To begin, Binder asks you to choose the gender of the dumpee and plug in their name and number. Next, you select your breakup excuse of choice. ("It's like I'm living in some sort of unwakeable nightmare" is a nice touch.):


From there, simply swipe right a la Tinder and your poor, unsuspecting S.O. will receive this text from Binder:


The pre-recorded voice message sent doesn't sugarcoat things, either:

"Your boyfriend doesn't love you anymore, he hates your face, he thinks you're a bore," a heavily accented Scotsman sings. "In fact he is sick in his mouth whenever he sees you around." Charming.

Binder -- available now on iOS and Android -- was created for Tennent's Lager, a Scottish beer brand that claims to have promoted the app just "for laughs."

In other words, if you actually use this app to dump someone, you're not just incredibly lazy, you're also likely a terrible human being.