This Artist Will Draw Your Portrait If You Share Your Darkest Secret

A portrait for your thoughts.
05/31/2017 03:55pm ET

Philippines-based illustrator Terence Eduarte takes the kind of secrets people would be wary to tell their closest friends and illustrates them for the whole Internet to see.

The art project ― called 100 Days of Secrets ― started two months ago, when the 24-year-old artist asked his friends to share their secrets in exchange for a portrait. Since then, he’s received secret submissions from Instagram followers from around the world.

The resulting works explore complicated, knotty personal issues, from learning of a parent’s extramarital affair:

To confessions about catfishing:

In an interview with HuffPost, Eduarte said he was taken aback by strangers’ willingness to open up to him.

“I think the project has become an outlet for people to let out thoughts and feelings they normally wouldn’t tell anyone,” he said.

"I know what it's like to be the other woman. And it has happened more than once." #100daysofsecrets #the100dayproject

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Some people tell Eduarte they’re just thankful to have a sounding board for their secrets, regardless of the portrait.

“A lot of people who have written to me said they really didn’t mind if I’m not able to include them in the project,” he said. “They just wanted to share their burden with someone.”

See more of the illustrations below and head to Instagram to see the full 100 Days Of Secrets project:

"Half of my friends are people I wish I never met." #100daysofsecrets #the100dayproject

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"I told my unborn son I wasn't ready to be loved by him. The next day I miscarried." #100daysofsecrets #the100dayproject

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"I regret exchanging nudes with guys I barely even know." #100daysofsecrets #the100dayproject

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"I dated my professor back in college. I was 23, she was 37." #100daysofsecrets #the100dayproject

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"I like playing with other people's feelings because i'm unsure about mine." #100daysofsecrets #the100dayproject

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